Welcome to a new site of mine devoted to my favorite high-mid carder, MICK FOLEY!!!  This guy has done it all, he's jumped off the Titantron into a dumpster, then off a stage.  He's been in Japan death matches, he's had NUMEROUS LEGIT injuries, he's been the Hardcore champ, he's flown 16 feet into a table, and recently, he WON THE WWF TITLE!!!!!  (for all you who have been under a rock for a few months).


- The cover of Foley's auto biography!! (if it is the old auto session pic, hit reload). I don't read much (Yeah, I have the testicular fortitude to admit it), but this is one book I'll read happilly.

I know, I know, I never update this place, well, I've got something exclusive and special planned... just have to figure out where to upload it...

This will eventually become one hell of a Mick fanfic site, Visit thePICTURE GALLERY, it was a lot of hard work! (more of it to come very, very soon).

Meanwhile, Download stuff at At the Multimedia section, (There's more to come).


DDT DIGEST Funny as hell, PRO WCW (YES!) and they have nice features, a must for any wrestling fan

WrestleThemes wrestling themes Best place for quality themes.

What's to come?  Well, I have an EXCLUSIVE (not even WWF.com has this!) .MOV file of Dude Love's entrance, I will add some background, history, famous fueds (UnderTaker...duhhh).  Be sure to visit the Al Snow site when I finish it!